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Amman, Jabal Al Naser
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Professional Background

The Ideal Food Center was established in 2013 to spread the healthy food pattern through a distinguished team of specialists and employees with experience and competence to reach a society that enjoys a healthy and better lifestyle.The center provides nutritional programs for children, adults, the elderly, pregnant women and athletes and follows up on chronic diseases Such as pressure, diabetes ... etc. with all care and privacy, in addition to a free examination on modern Inbody devices to measure body components such as weight, fluids, fats, muscles, burn rate and visceral fat, and the center provides a range of supplements and nutritional and health products with high quality, to help the subscriber raise the level of his performance During his journey towards a better lifestyle. The center offers specialized packages for some diseases such as insulin resistance, polycystic ovaries and other diseases through special nutritional programs and special health supplements for each package separately that help customers achieve their goals, these packages are ideal for achieving various goals for those who want to reach a better lifestyle

The Ideal Food Center provides nutritional counseling for all health problems and obesity treatment through healthy, balanced nutritional programs studied according to the needs of the body. Nutrition programs are saturated and inexpensive and available in the kitchen with a guarantee of losing excess body fat, improvement in health problems, and as the body components of fat are measured. Visceral fat, muscle and fluids with the latest global devices and daily follow-ups with the most efficient therapeutic nutritionist. We specialize in treatment programs for diabetes, pressure, and ovarian cysts, follow-ups for childhood obesity, and special programs for athletes, pregnant and lactating women. In addition, it provides health products and nutritional supplements that depend on the latest scientific findings in the field of nutrition to obtain the best results.


  • Bachelor of Nutrition and Diet, Jordan University, Jordan

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