About US

Tebcan: Quality and Affordable Healthcare

For effective e-health and medical tourism solutions that offer a wide network of top healthcare providers, the accumulation and exchange of medical information, more patients and healthcare providers are turning to Tebcan. We are an easy to use, cloud based web platform designed exclusively for the e-health and medical Tourism industries.

By connecting patients, doctors, hospitals, medical diagnosis centers, pharmacies and insurance companies on a single platform, Tebcan has created an affiliation network that lets MENA patients find quality and affordable healthcare in their own country or abroad.


Our Vision

To be the pioneer medical network for E-health and medical tourism in the Mena region.


The Tebcan Mission

As one of the MENA region’s leading e-Health and medical tourism platforms, Tebcan has made it our mission to impact and improve the lives of patients by ensuring adequate improved and affordable health care is available to them. Our platform provides the availability and exchange of medical information which ensures a more accurate medical diagnosis.

Tebcan provides effective online services and Telemedicine to a wide range of users from patients, doctors and hospitals, to diagnosis centers, pharmacies, healthcare buyers and more. Our platform is unlike anything the industry has seen because we put the needs of our users first. With more features and an easier to use online platform, Tebcan is pioneering the medical tourism industry. Join us today and see the difference quality and experience can make for you.


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If you are an elite healthcare provider and want to learn more about Tebcan and how our online platform can help you, contact us today and let one of our representatives assist you and answer any questions you might have.