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Amman, Khalda
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Professional Background

Dr. Mohamed El-Zair is a specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Fertility Specialist and Assisting Reproductive Technologies.

Dr. Al-Zair worked as a gynecologist, infertility and obstetrics in the Fertility and Genetics Unit at Jordan Hospital 2010-2015. He also worked in the fertilization and hereditary unit at Amman Surgical Hospital in 2015-2017.

Dr. Mohamed El-Zair provides the following treatments and conditions: (Follow-up pregnancy and obstetrics) - Follow-up cases of simple pregnancies and high-risk cases within the highest medical and technical standards from the beginning of pregnancy to delivery, including periodic visits and conduct the appropriate analysis as well as fetal safety examination by the latest devices and accurate techniques , As well as interventions during pregnancy to reduce the chances of premature births. - Obstetrics in both natural and Caesarean  (Women's cases) - Periodic examination of women and includes the examination of the tetra -Four- dimensional sonar 3D - 4D Endocavity as well as periodic Pap smears. - Installation of all types of screws and ensure the integrity of the coil after installation and follow up. (Reproductive delays and low fertility) Fertility - Taking the patient's reproductive  accurately, including chronic, familial and genetic diseases. - Perform simple and advanced tests according to each individual case. - Assessment of pelvic and genital organs by 3D-4D Endocavity - Select the exact programs and protocols for each case according to clinical and laboratory assets. ICSI, artificial insemination (IUI) and Ovarian Stimulation, as required, and as appropriate for the couple. - Preparation of the uterus and lining accurately to receive frozen embryos within the criteria and accurate study in detail to test the appropriate times for the transfer of embryos. - Preparation and activation of the lining of the uterus by PRP injection technique, which increases the opportunity for lactation of embryos. - Conducting diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic and pulmonary endoscopy for pelvic assessment and decontamination of pelvic and uterine adhesions. - Study of DNA fractionation and treatment of this disorder by modern laboratory techniques. - Conduct a prenatal sex screening program and study the chromosomal and genetic changes of PGD / PGS.

He receives all cases of gynecological diseases, pregnancy monitoring and infertility and is currently working in his clinic (Jenin Clinic) in Amman.


  • Jordanian Board Certificate - Gynecology , (JBC)

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  • English


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