Pediatric bone lengthening and reconstruction

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Professional Background

Dr.Rami Al Jahmani is an Orthopedic Surgeon who obtained the Jordanian Board in this field and has a sub-specialty in Pediatric bone lengthening and reconstruction and now he is working as an associate professor at the Faculty of Medicine, Jordan University of Science and Technology.
His main area of interest is the treatment of congenital malformations in children and lengthening of short stature, especially for dwarf. Dr.Rami Al Jahmani has a great experience in this field. Before joining the medical staff at King Abdullah University Hospital he worked side by side with the well-known doctor "Paley" in the United States. In addition to the treatment of congenital malformations. Dr.Rami Al Jahmani has a great knowledge in the treatment and correction of complications resulting from fractures such as the limb length discrepancy and bone deformtiy. Dr.Rami Al Jahmani has published many researches in this field and read lectures in many international conferences .
Dr.Rami Al Jahmani is currently working in his private clinic in Al Saudi hospital 


  • Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan
  • Residency - Orthopedic and Fracture Surgery, Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan
  • Fellowship - Pediatric bone lengthening and reconstruction, معهد بالي لتقويم و تطويل العظام, United States
  • Fellowship - Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery, Humanitas Research Hospital, Italy

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