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Professional Background

Dr. Nusaiba Sallam is a speech therapist who holds a Ph.D. in speech and language sciences from the University of Ottawa - Canada and The McCaton Certificate (UK).

Dr. Nusaiba graduated from the University of Jordan with a BA and a Master of Science in speech therapy from the University of Jordan in 2010.

Dr. Nusaiba has gained extensive experience for more than ten years in the treatment of all speech and language disorders and rehabilitation for all age groups.

It also has many publications and research specialized in pediatric rehabilitation management, early intervention for children with hearing impairment, and strategies for improving speech and language.

Dr. Nusaiba specializes in early intervention and strengthening the role of parents in all stages of treatment. She has experience and a special interest in developing communication skills for children on the autism spectrum and using modern means and methods to achieve this. Licensed by the Canadian Hanin Organization in various programs based primarily on training and empowering children's parents to exploit the immediate environment as a main source for developing various language skills. Nusaiba relies on the child and his family as one unit that represents the centrality of treatment and considers that the importance of early intervention stems from providing the best level of treatment as quickly as possible to reduce the consequences of the child's challenges in the future and thus increase his chances of integrating into society more effectively.


  • Bachelor of Audiology and Speech, Jordan University, Jordan
  • Masters, Jordan University, Jordan
  • PHD, University of Ottawa, Canada

Spoken Languages

  • Arabic
  • English


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