Consultant Pulmonologist and Respiratory Allergy Diseases

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Amman, Khalda
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Professional Background

Dr. Mohammad Musa Arekat, Consultant Chest Diseases

Dr. Mohammad Arekat holds:

 French Board of Chest Diseases and Tuberculosis.

Jordanian Board in Chest Diseases

Dr. Mohammad Arekat works on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract:

• Asthma and respiratory allergies.

• Coughing.

• Acute and chronic bronchitis.

• Chronic bronchial obstruction.

• Dilation of the bronchi.

• Inflammation of the lungs.

• Pleurisy and pneumothorax.

• fibrosis of the lungs.

• Pulmonary thromboembolism.

• pulmonary and non-pulmonary tuberculosis.

• Corona disease and the treatment of side effects of Corona disease.

• Diseases of the lungs associated with immune diseases.

• Diseases of sleep disorders.

And other respiratory diseases.

Dr. Mohammad Arekat is particularly interested in combating smoking and helping smokers quit smoking.

Pulmonary function tests are performed in the clinic as a diagnostic procedure in the clinic.

Dr. Mohammad Arekat follows up and supervises his patients residing in the hospital and performs medical procedures such as:

Pleural amniocentesis and therapeutic diagnosis.

Fixation of a tube in the thorax for amniocentesis when necessary and treatment of pneumothorax.

Bronchoscopy with a fiberoptic endoscopy.

Dr. Mohammad Arekat worked in several French hospitals and worked in hospitals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and hospitals in the United Arab Emirates.

Dr. Mohammad Arekat speaks Arabic, English and French.

Dr. Mohammad Araikat is currently working in the clinics of the Saudi Hospital in Khalda.


  • PHD, جامعة باريس ٥, France
  • PHD, University René Descartes - Paris V, France

Spoken Languages

  • Arabic
  • English
  • French


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