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Irbid, Irbid
Amman, Fifth Circle
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Amman, Fifth Circle
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Professional Background

Dr. Mahmoud Al-Balas, a consultant of general surgery, and consultant of plastic surgery and breast tumors, holds a bachelor’s degree from the College of Medicine and General Surgery at Jordan University of Science and Technology, has a certificate of higher specialization in general surgery, and a Jordanian board certificate from the King Abdullah University Hospital, in addition to Italian Fellowship in Oncology and Breast Aesthetics from the University of Bologna, as well as being a member of the American Society for Breast Surgery, and a member of the European Society of Oncology.

Dr. Mahmoud Al-Balas works as an assistant professor at the College of Medicine / The Hashemite University, and a consultant in breast surgery at Prince Hamzah Hospital. He is currently working in his private clinic in Irbid and the Arab Medical Center in Amman, where he treats many surgical cases, including:
Conservative breast tumor surgery.

  • * Breast reconstruction after surgical removal.
  • * Breast reshaping (breast augmentation or reduction).
  • *Diagnostic breast biopsies.
  • * Performing biopsies and surgeries of the lymph nodes.
  • * Performing gynecomastia surgeries in men.
  • * Breast reconstruction and sagging after bariatric operations.

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