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Amman, Abdali
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Professional Background

Dr. Fadi Thabet Al-Qaisi is a Cardiologist and interventional Consultant, graduated from the University of Jordan and he finished his residency program in internal medicine 

at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, USA. Then he worked as chief resident at Henry Ford Hospital, then he completed the fellowship program for interventional catheterization

and obtained a fellowship in cardiovascular diseases from Henry Ford Hospital / USA  Dr. Fadi is certified by the American Board of Interventional Cardiology, 

the American Board of Cardiovascular Medicine, and the American Board of Internal Medicine, in addition to his certification Arab Board of Cardiovascular Diseases. 

Dr. Fadi Al-Qaisi is a member of many associations such as Member of the American Society of Nuclear Cardiology, Member of the American Society of Tomography,

and recipient of many awards of excellence. Dr. Fadi Al-Qaisi has extensive experience as he previously worked as a Consultant Cardiologist and Interventional Catheter

at Cadillac Hospital and was the Director of Cardiac and Catheter Services and Echo at Cadillac Hospital and helped found the Aortic Valve Treatment Program (TAVI)

Dr. Fadi Al-Qaisi is keen to provide medical care to patients while maintaining the highest international and American standards that he practiced during his presence

in the USA for 18 years, and he is still returning to Cadillac Hospital as a part-time job to keep pace with the latest medical and scientific developments and to maintain

the same high level of care for heart patients, whether in Jordan or America. 

Dr. Fadi also believes in the importance of giving each patient enough time to obtain an accurate medical history, conduct a full clinical examination and provide a full

explanation to the patient about the nature of the disease, the results of the examinations and the treatment plan.

Dr. Fadi specialized in the treatment of diagnostic arterial and venous catheters, high-risk interventional catheters, diagnostic and interventional catheters in addition to all cardiology treatments.

Dr. Fadi is working currently at his private clinic in Abdali hospital


  • Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, Jordan University, Jordan
  • Residency - Internal Medicine, Henry Ford Hospital, United States
  • Fellowship - Cardiology, Henry Ford Hospital, United States
  • Fellowship - Therapeutic catheterization and Interventional rad, Henry Ford Hospital, United States


  • Arab Board Certificate - Cardiology , (ABC)
  • American Board Certificate - Internal Medicine , (ABI)
  • American Board Certificate - Cardiology , (ABC)

Professional Memberships

  • American Stroke Association ACC
  • جمعية طب القلب النووي الأمريكية ASNC

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