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Amman, Fifth Circle, Behind the Sheraton in front of the Arab Center, Suleiman Al Hadidi Street, Al Qaisi Complex and Raed behind the first floor
Waiting time: 10 - 30
Fees: 30 JOD (Does not include procedures)
Treatments treated by orthopedic and fracture surgery Doctor
Knee Resurfacing Total Hip Replacement Shoulder Resurfacing Shoulder Rotator Cuff Repair 360 Degree Spinal Fusion Arthroscopic Microfracture Wrist Replacement Shoulder Resection Arthroplasty Lumber Laminectomy Shoulder Stablization Trigger Finger Surgery Hip Stabilization Exercises Arthroscopic Bankart Repair For Shoulder ACL Reconstruction Cervical Disc Herniation Treatments Hip Fusion Osteoarthritic Knee Pain Treatment Bone Graft Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Spine Surgery Spinal Injection Hip Arthroscopy Knee Arthroscopy Meniscal Transplants Frozen Shoulder Treatment Shoulder Arthroscopy Shoulder Joint Replacement Shoulder Surgery Articular Cartilage Restoration Foot Pain Treatment Osteoporosis Treatment Foot Pain Consultation Knee Arthroscopic Washout Treatment Of Herniated Disc Without Surgery Spinal Cord Compression Treatment Spinal Compression Fracture Treatments Cervical Disc Herniation Treatment By Exercises Knee Cartilage Replacement Therapy Treatment Of Knee Cartilage Damage Knee Cartilage Repair Without Surgery Knee Ligament Repair Injections For Knee Pain Injections For Knee Roughness Plasma Knee Injection Knee Joint Artificial Knee Cracks Treatment Knee Joint Operation Operation Of Knee Joint Installation Knee Treatment Treatment Of Knee Pain Myofascial Release Therapy Shoulder impingement treatment Shoulder Dislocation Treatment & Management Calcific Shoulder Tendonitis Treatment Swollen Ankles And Feet Treatment Hip Pain Treatment Dupuytren's Contracture Surgery Limb Lengthening Congenital Musculoskeletal Defects Treatment Bunion surgery Flat foot treatment Joint replacement surgery Endoscopic Disc surgery Endoscopic surgery for spinal stenosis Endoscopic cervical spine surgery Surgical treatment of polydactyly (Polydactyly surgery) Rickets treatment Back Pain Treatment Non-surgical treatment of bone fractures Surgical treatment of bone fractures Therapeutic injections for osteoarthritis of the joints Cruciate ligaments reconstruction surgery Meniscus tear repair Bone deformity treatment Bow legged (genu varum) treatment Treating ganglion cyst in wrist Osteopathy surgery Disc Herniation Treatment Joint Injection knee Replacement Rehabilitation Microdiscectomy Microdecompression Treatment of developmental dysplasia Orthopedic Consultation Pelvic Ultrasound Artificial Disc Replacement Cervical Discectomy Amputation Laminectomy Hyaluronic Acid Injections Foot Surgery Joint Aspiration Diagnosis of Osteoporosis Cortisone Injection for Joint Pain Joint Collagen Injection Treatment PRP Joint Injection Orthopedic Insoles Arthoplasty Sport Injuries Management Arthroscopy Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy Hip Replacement Knee Replacement Hip resurfacing surgery Carpal Tunnel Surgery Elbow Arthroscopy Wrist arthroscopy