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Specialist in obstetrics, gynecology, infertility and IVF

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Doctor Gynecology and Infertility

specialized in Gynecology, IVF ...
Az Zaraq, Al Zarqa Al Jadeedeh, Street 36 - K&M Complex - Nasser Center - opposite Abu Tafesh Roastery, second floor.
Waiting time: 12
Fees: 15 JOD (Does not include procedures)

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Az Zaraq, Al Zarqa Al Jadeedeh, 36 street - Sameh Mall complex 1 - floor 3 - Al Barea Specialized Center
Waiting time: 30 - 60
Fees: 15 JOD (Does not include procedures)

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Az Zaraq, Al Zarqa Al Jadeedeh, AlFalater street- Infront of Thu alnowrain mosque next to Yahya mall
Waiting time: 15 - 30
Fees: 20 JOD (Does not include procedures)
Treatments treated by gynecology and infertility Doctor
Vaginal filler Gynecologic Biopsy Platelet Rich Plasma Gshot Ovarian cysts treatment Endometrial Biopsy Cervical Tumor Removal Posterior Colporrhaphy With Perineoplasty Surgery Diagnosis of Fallopian tube Treatment Of Uterine Infections CGT , Compatibilty Genetic Test Ovarian Tumor Management Well Woman Care Uterine Cancer Treatment Caesarean Births Vaginal bleaching (Genital skin lightening) Routine Gynecologic Exam Complete Pregnancy Test Labioplasty CIS (cesarean Section) Urgent , Scheduled Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) for vagina Uterus Tumor Management Miscarriage Management By Vacuum Aspiration Amniocentesis Mammogram Copper IUD Insertion Detection of Down Syndrome 3D Ultrasound For Fetus Vaginal laser for low sexual desire Hysteroscopy Procedure Of Dilation And Curettage Uterus  Botox injections to treat vaginismus Genetic Testing For Embryos Progestin IUD Insertion Laparoscopic Myomectomy Diagnosis of Uterus Detection of HPV by PCR IUD Insertion Gynecological Pelvic Infection Treatment Child Abortion Laparoscopic Hysterectomy 4D Ultrasound For Fetus Total Vaginal Rejuvenation Breast Clinical Examination Treatment Of Vaginal Infections Pelvic Ultrasound Feto Maternal Follow Up Breast cancer screening Treatment of thin endometrial lining with platelet-rich plasma Enlargement Of The Cervix Obstetrics and Infertility Consultantation Breast ultrasound High Risk Pregnancy Follow Up Treatment of intrauterine adhesions with platelet-rich plasma Recurrent Abortion Ovarian Torsion Management Vaginoplasty Abdominal Hysterectomy Breast Cancer Treatment Pregnancy Test Immunization for Cervical Cancer - HPV Vaccine Contraception HPV Vaccine Endocervical Culture Cervical Cancer Screening Pap Smear Laser vaginal rejuvenation Removal Of Uterine IUD Laparoscopy Ovarian Cyst Removal Vulvar Biopsy Natural childbirth Vaginal Hysterectomy Management of Pelvic Tumors Dealing with premature menopause Laparoscopic Gynecology Cancer Surgery Study of chromosomes Vaginal tightening