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Cosmetic &Implant Dentistry

From 15 visitors

Amman, Fifth Circle, 5th circle - Near Arabian Medical Center(AL Saoudi Complex )building no. 3
Waiting time: 5 - 10
Fees: 15 JOD (Does not include procedures)
Dentistry and Dental surgery

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Doctor Dentistry

specialized in Cosmetic Dentistry, Endodontics ...
Al Balqa, Al Salt, Queen Rania Abdulla street- National Medical center 1st floor
Waiting time: 30 - 40

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Doctor Dentistry

specialized in Cosmetic Dentistry, Endodontics ...
Irbid, Al Naseem Circle, AlJezawi complex _ 4th floor
Waiting time: 0 - 30
Dental and Oral surgery

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Doctor Dentistry

specialized in Cosmetic Dentistry, Endodontics ...
Amman, Al Madinah Al Riyadiah, AlSahli trade complex- above AlShaab roastery 1st floor office no.103
Waiting time: 10 - 20
Fees: 10 JOD (Does not include procedures)
Treatments treated by dentistry Doctor
Dental Trauma Management Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas) Braces Check-up Installation Of Fixed Teeth Installation Of Moving Teeth Gingivitis Treatment Gum Treatment Pregnant Teeth Treatment Orthodontics For Children Zircon Teeth Veneer Dental Extraction Of Inflamed Tooth Treatment Of Toothache Reconstruction Of The Gums Treatment Of Dental Pulp Treatment Of Tooth Decay Cosmetic Dentistry By Laser Orthodontics Care Of Gums Health Tooth Fillings By Laser Teeth Tartar Removal Tooth Surgical Extraction Cosmetic Dentist Consultation Periodontal Cosmetic Surgery  Gum Disease Prevention Gummy Smile Treatment Implant Supported Prosthesis Interceptive Orthodontics Laser Teeth Whitening Maryland Bridge - Resin Retained Bridge Overdenture Orthodontic Consultation Preventive Orthodontics Partial Denture- Vitalium Denture Surgical Orthodontics Operations Single Tooth Implant Splinting of Teeth Teeth Tartar and Plaque Removal Tooth Pulp Treatment in Baby Teeth Teeth Sensitivity Treatment Zirconium Crowns for Teeth Ceramic Braces Instant Dental Implants Deep Scaling and Root Planing Treatment Ceramic Dental fillings Denture Repair Dental Jewelry Denture Relining Periodontal Surgery Dental Remaining Roots Extraction Needle Free Dental Anesthesia Apicectomy - Surgical Removal of Root Tip Dental Fluoride Application Crown Lengthening Orthognathic surgery Jaw enlargement surgery Root Canal Permanent Teeth in children Root Canal Perforation Teeth bonding Dental Bone Augmentation Multiple Tooth Implants Maxillofacial Consultation Dental Retainer Installation Self Ligating Braces Prosthodontist Consultation Prosthodentist Follow Up Dental Implants Dental Crowns Dental Laminate Veneers Dentures Dental Bridges Root Apex Resection Gum Flap Operation Dental Cyst Operation Root Canal Treatment Tooth Fillings Teeth Whitening Total Denture Over Implants Wisdom Tooth Extraction Tooth Extraction Dental Cleaning Periapical X Ray Invisalign Braces Dental Extraction Oral Cancer Examination Root Canals Light Cure Fillings Composite Fillings Hollywood Smile Preventive Dentistry pulpotomy pulpectomy