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Amman, AlKhaldi Street
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  • Al Nisr Al Arabi Insurance
  • Arab Orient / GIG
  • Jordan Engineers Association
  • Jordanian Electric Power Company
  • National Electric Power
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Professional Background

Dr. Mazen Naseer is a consultant pediatric surgeon, graduate of the University of Baghdad in 1976, holds the Jordanian Medical Board of General Surgery and a member of the European and Jordanian Council of Pediatric Surgery.Dr. Mazen is also a member of the Jordan Friends of Diabetes Association. He is also a founder member of the Association of Pediatric Surgeons in several countries. He is also a Fellow of the Royal College of British Surgeons.Dr. Mazen has extensive experience in the field of pediatric surgery where he worked for more than 30 years in many hospitals and medical centers such as Prince Hamzah Hospital (where he was Director of the Hospital for 2004) and Al Basma Hospital. He also served as Head of Surgeons at Al Bashir Hospital. In addition to serving as assistant professor at several universities in the Faculty of Medicine like the University of Jordan and the University of Science and Technology.Dr. Mazen holds many courses and has extensive research in this field.Dr. Mazen offers many unique treatments and consultations in his own clinicHe is currently working in his private clinic in Amman


  • Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, Baghdad University, Iraq
  • Higher Degree, شهاده البورد الاردني في جراحه الاطفال JMCC in Pediatric surgery, Jordan
  • Higher Degree, شهاده البورد الاوروبي في جراحه الاطفال E.B.P.S, Jordan
  • Higher Degree, شهاده البورد الاردني في الجراحة العامه JMCC IN GENERAL SURGERY, Jordan
  • Higher Degree, زميل كليه الجراحين الملكية البريطانية (F.R.C.S ( LONDON, Jordan
  • Higher Degree, زميل كليه جراحي الأطفال العالميه F.I.C.P.S, United Kingdom
  • Higher Degree, F.A.C.S, United States
  • Higher Degree, B.A.P.S, United Kingdom

Spoken Languages

  • Arabic
  • English


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