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الدكتور في قمة الاحترام والتواضع اعطانا وقت كافي للشرح والمعاينه والفحص الله يجزاه الخير ويعطيه العافية see all reviews


Professional Background

Dr. Tariq Abdul-Ghani Rabaya, a specialist in pediatrics and neonatology, holds the Jordanian Board of Pediatrics and Neonatology, specialization in medicine at the University of Jordan Hospital, a member of the Jordanian Pediatric Society, a member of the Jordanian Medical Association, a full-time lecturer in the Department of Pediatrics at Mutah University previously.


Dr. Tariq Rabaya previously worked at the University of Jordan Hospital during the period of his specialization, in addition to his work in the Istishari Hospital.

He is characterized by strong clinical experience diagnosing and treating various diseases of children


He is highly skilled in completing the examinations, tests and vaccinations required to ensure the optimum health of children


Where he is committed to providing preventive health measures and continuous guidance for the optimal development of the child's growth and determination to provide outstanding medical service


Care, emotional support for children and their families, focus on details, ensuring optimal care for each patient and ensuring compliance with all safety measures, meeting the highest quality standards


He works at his own Grow Center

Dr. Tarek treats all diseases related to pediatrics such as:


Urinary tract infection in children, upper respiratory tract infection (strep throat, tonsillitis, otitis), lower respiratory tract infection (bronchitis, pneumonia, acute pneumonia), anemia, thalassemia, food selective children, premature infants, Decreased growth, delayed development, asthma, thoracic crisis, childbirth, intravenous medications, vaporizations, vaccinations, male circumcision, blood transfusion for childrenand many others.zz


  • Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, Damascus University, Syria
  • Fellowship - Pediatrics and New Born, Jordan University Hospital, Jordan


  • Jordanian Board of Pediatrics - Pediatrics and New Born , (JBP)

Professional Memberships

  • Jordanian Pediatric Society JPS


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