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Amman, Fifth Circle
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Professional Background

Professional Experience: Dr. Omar Majed Al-Yabroudi's clinic offers specialized services in pediatric surgery and pediatric urology. It is one of the preferred destinations for pediatric surgical care in Jordan. With over 18 years of experience, Dr. Omar Al-Yabroudi is considered one of the leading surgeons in this field. He graduated from the Jordan University of Science and Technology and completed his advanced studies, obtaining the Jordanian Board certification and a certificate for his high scientific approach in patient care from Harvard Medical School in Boston, USA. His pediatric surgery fellowship at Al-Hussein Medical City was an opportunity to hone his exceptional surgical skills, where he presented numerous scientific papers, received international awards, and participated in international medical missions. Among his notable awards are the Basic Surgery Skills Award and the United Nations Award for the Youngest Surgeon. In addition to Arabic, Dr. Omar is proficient in four other languages and holds advanced certificates in English, French, German, and Italian. Dr. Omar's clinic offers multiple insurance options to ensure comprehensive medical care, always striving to provide surgical care for your child that meets excellence and exceeds expectations. Through Tebcan, you can book an appointment with Dr. Omar Majed Al-Yabroudi at his clinic in Al Arabi Medical center - Outpatients Cinics

Educational Qualifications:

Doctorate in Medicine, Jordan University of Science and Technology.
Training in General Medicine, Royal Medical Services, Jordan.
Specialization in General Surgery, Royal Medical Services, Jordan.
Specialization in Pediatric Surgery, Al-Hussein Medical City, Jordan.
Fellowship in Pediatric Gastrointestinal Surgery, Radboud University Medical Center, Netherlands.
MRCS Certificate, Royal British Association.
Certificate from Harvard Medical School in Boston, USA, in his scientific approach to patient care.

Pediatric Surgery.
Pediatric Urology.
Jordanian Board Certifications:

General Surgery - JBC.
Pediatric Surgery - JBC.
Awards and Certificates:

Excellence Award in Basic Surgery Skills, Royal College, UK.
United Nations Award for the Youngest Surgeon, UN Mission in Liberia.
Best Surgical Resident of the Year Award, Al-Hussein Medical City.
Professional Memberships:

Jordan Medical Association Member (JMA).
Jordan Association Of Pediatric Surgery (JAPS).


  • Medical Doctor, Jordan University of Science & Technology, Jordan
  • Medical Doctor, Jordan University of Science & Technology, Jordan
  • Internship - General Practice, Jordan Royal Medical Services, Jordan
  • Residency - General Surgery, Jordan Royal Medical Services, Jordan
  • Residency - Pediatric Surgery, King Hussein Medical Center, Jordan
  • Fellowship - Pediatric Urology, Radboud university medical center, Netherlands


  • Jordanian Board in General Surgery - General Surgery , (JBC)
  • Jordanian Board Certificate - Pediatric Surgery , (JBC)

Professional Memberships

  • Jordan Medical Association Member JMA
  • Jordan Association of Pediatric Surgery JAPS

Awards and certifications

  • Core Surgery Skills Award Of the Course Attendees by the Royal College of Engalnd
  • - United Nation Youngest Surgeon Award by the UNMIL.
  • Surgical Resident of The Year Award By Prince Hashim Military Hospital


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