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Az Zaraq, Al Zarqa Al Jadeedeh
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Professional Background

Nutrition experts center:

One of the most modern centers for clinical nutrition and weight loss counseling in Jordan .. We provide our services through five branches in Amman and Zarqa, and via the Internet. Equipped with the world's most accurate InBody body composition analyzers.

The Nutrition Experts Center is a licensed and approved center by the Jordanian Ministry of Health with excellent experiences spanning more than 10 years and great success stories in losing weight.

* Our staff of female specialists is distinguished by high scientific qualifications and great experience that combines (clinical) nutrition for various diseases with healthy weight loss programs.

* The nutritional programs that we follow in our centers are characterized as healthy programs from eating at home without additional costs and without relying on nutritional supplements or fat burning pills.

* We also guarantee in our programs that there is no feeling of hunger and deprivation during the period of the program, in order to lead the participants to a healthy lifestyle.

* Our programs focus on losing weight gradually from fat mass only without losing muscle mass because this is important in maintaining a healthy body structure and avoiding wasting and pallor or affecting the skin and hair.


We offer #foods that include:

❇️ Weight loss

Treating childhood and adolescent obesity

❇️ Clinical nutrition for chronic diseases (polycystic ovaries, diabetes, hypertension, high lipids and cholesterol)

Food allergies, eating disorders and malnutrition

Weight gain programs

Feeding pregnant and breastfeeding women

❇️ Programs to raise immunity and fight disease



✅ programs against the diet

It does not contain deprivation or hunger

No supplements or fat burners

✅ You have your wonders because they are from your home

✅ You lose weight, not muscle


Online Appointments:

A comprehensive initial evaluation date for the participant

Weekly follow-up appointments

Inquiries and follow-up on WhatsApp

Reading the participant's laboratory analysis

The use of an advanced mechanism to monitor weight loss remotely

An integrated cadre of nutritionists working in a scientific way and with excellent experience


  • Bachelor of Nutrition and Diet, Jordan University, Jordan


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