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Professional Background

Dr. Mohammad Bashnaq is a specialist in internal medicine and a recipient of the American Fellowship in the Treatment of Pain and Palliative Medicine. He previously worked at King Hussein Cancer Center and is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Medicine - Hashemite University. Dr. Mohammed Bashnaq to provide comprehensive programs to treat pain through the following clinics: 1- Pain treatment clinic: prp needles are used to relieve the pain of knee and joint stiffness, collagen needles for the treatment of muscle pain, nerve and dyskines, laser therapy and Chinese needles to treat many types of chronic pain and headache. 2 - Wellness clinic: through the examination of the body on the computer in order to provide the patient with a comprehensive health assessment and practical plans to maintain health and youth. 3 - Spiritual Guidance Clinic: works to achieve internal peace and promote self-awareness and eliminate the feelings of fear and anxiety, through a practical program based on the book (oak tree 300 questions to get to know yourself again) by Dr. Mohammed Bashnaq There is a special section in the clinic of Dr. Bushnaq Palliative Care called the clinic wellness and includes the examination on the computer (ESTECIC) for the purpose of a comprehensive assessment of the performance of the body and the introduction of recommendations for the process of maintaining health and youth, and there are also various treatments Botox, Mesotherapeutic and Collagen Enhancement of glasses, beauty and fitness in face and body in general, and there are also spiritual guidance sessions aimed at enhancing the sense of internal peace and application of practical skills in order to get rid of feelings of loneliness, sadness and tension.


  • Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, Istanbul University, Turkey
  • Internship - Internal Medicine, Islamic Hospital, Jordan
  • Fellowship - Pain Management, San Diego Hospice and Palliative Care, United States


  • Jordanian Board Certificate - Pain Management , (JBC)

Professional Memberships

  • World Association for Palliative Care and Pain Management WHPCA
  • Jordanian Society for Palliative Care and Pain Therapy JSPC
  •  Arab Palliative Care Society APCA

Spoken Languages

  • Arabic
  • English


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