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Amman, Jabal Al Hussein
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Professional Background

Dr. Ibrahim Harbi Musk, Consultant Dermatologist, graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Parma, Italy in 1976 and received a Bachelor's Degree in Medicine. He then joined the University of Dermatology and Dermatology in 1979. Since then Dr. Ibrahim Mesk has been a Consultant of Dermatology and Venereology In the treatment of various skin conditions and diseases In addition to his membership in the Jordanian Association of Dermatology and membership of the administrative board of the Istiqlal Hospital (Jordan) and a specialist doctor in the Jordanian Ministry of Health from 1979-1982. He was also a consultant and consultant in the Ministry of Health from 1982 to 1998 in addition to obtaining a shield from the Jordanian Dermatology Society From the center of the pioneers and another from the Egyptian Dermatology Association and the Palestinian Dermatology Society. Dr. Ibrahim Harbi is currently working in his private clinic in the Jordanian capital Amman - Jabal Al Hussein


  • Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, University Parma, Italy
  • Residency - Dermatology and Venereology, University Parma, Italy

Professional Memberships

  • Jordanian Society Of Dermatology and Venereology JSDV

Awards and certifications

  • He holds a shield from the Jordan Dermatology Society 2001
  • He holds a shield from Pioneers Center 2004
  • He holds a shield from the Egyptian Dermatology Society 2007

Spoken Languages

  • Arabic
  • English


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